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Top 5 Bay Area Security Guard Companies & Top Private Security Guard Software Solutions!
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Top 5 Bay Area Private Security Guard Companies - 2018

California Private Patrol
#1 California Private Patrol - Toll free 855-CRIME-11
Providing Armed and Unarmed Private Security Guard Services Throughout the Bay Area 24/7.


Top Rated Security Review! 4 1/2 Star Rating!

California Private Patrol is Our Top rated Bay Area Private Security Guard Company of 2018. They have held our highest spot for the past 5 years on our Bay Areas best security guard service review site, and once again are continuing to hold the number #1 spot again in 2018! Their impressive reputation and list of cliente just keeps on growing and growing ever so much more. Not only does their list include high end jewelry designers, world wide construction companies, high end silicon valley execs, and even the US Secret Service, but now they've added to their list celebrity wedding designers, super high end auto makers (Think A-List), famous comic conventions, and so much more to list! Oh, and did we mention that they are very well reasonably priced! We did are own comparison of price quotes from other bay area security guard companies for the same type of service and California Private Patrol was still the top contender! Don't take our word for it, get a quote from them yourself and compare with others. But we'd recommend not to waste your time getting too stuck on pricing, because you are going to want quality security guards and security service over price any day!

Construction companies love them, and now they are the number #1 Bay Area Security Guard Company for the Recreational and Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries! Well, just In cae you don't already know about them or their service, here is a little bit about California Private Patrol. They provide Security Guard Service all over the Bay Area including Security for Cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, Redwood City, San Mateo, Oakland, Berkeley, Fremont, Hayward, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Vallejo, Napa, and beyond. They are a professional private security guard company that uses a mixture of well trained and experienced Security Officers, Academy Graduates, and real Police Officers to guard and protect your business, property, or valuables.

These guys are sharp and It's just like having the police to protect you! Most are either military trained, current or former police officers, or very well trained security officers with years of experience who all are friendly, courteous, helpful, and have great customer service. Their prices are pretty reasonable and they will be glad to try and work within your current budget. The company does everything from standard fixed post security guard service, mobile patrol, all the way through to their elite executive protection service! Give them a try, you will be glad you did!

Phone Number: (855) CRIME-11 or request a FREE security quote from them here - Quick & Guaranteed response within 4 hours!


Golden Gate Patrol Security
#2 Golden Gate Patrol
Protecting you, your business, your property, employees, personal assets, and everything else that is important to you.


4 1/2 Star Rating!

Golden Gate Patrol is another great Security Company climbing the ranks of Security Providers in the Bay Area. Why are they climbing the ranks so fast you ask? Well we've found out that they are like a sister company to California Private Patrol! What that means is they work closely together to extend security services to fulfill larger contracts where a large amount of security guards are needed. For example, let's say you had a special event that needed 30 security guards, well there is almost no bay area security guard company that can readily fulfill that, but when security companies work together they can pool together a large amount of guards to fulfill those requirements. So, Whether or not you need Security Service from San Francisco to San Jose, Oakland to Fremont, this company can do it all, but If you are specifically looking for a North Bay Security Company, then you want to check these guys out because they're setting up a nice clientele list all over Sonoma County, Cotati, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Napa, American Canyon, and beyond. We've even spotted them up in Clear Lake! We are quite sure you will find very competitively priced guard service who are fully capable and competent of handling all of your Security needs. Give them a try we highly recommend it! GET a FREE security quote from them here!


Protect Private Security Services
#3 Protect Security Services, Inc.
We are here to protect and keep you and your property safe from harm, danger, and damage.


4 1/2 Star Rating!

Protect Private Security Services is another great bay area security guard company that has a deep passion for serving the people, businesses, and the properties that they protect.They are another great choice if you are looking for private security guard services in the bay area. They specialize in all aspects of security services, and get this, they fully support and have a passion for the Medicinal Marijuana Industry and would be proud to help protect your Marijuana Dispensary making it a safe and secure environment for you, your employees and patients!

Get a fast free quote today --> Click here for your security quote <--


Bay Area Executive Protection

#4 Bay Area Executive Protection - Toll free 855-274-6311
VIP Corporate Protection, Executive Protection, Body Guard Protection, Personal Protective Services.


4 1/2 Star Rating!

This is actually the elite Executive Protection, or as some call it, 'Personal Protection Service' or 'Body Guard Service' that California Private Patrol offers to their high end clients. But, even if you're not some High-Profile Executive, a famous Musician, Political Figure, or a Celebrity A-Lister, they've got you covered - and we mean that literally! We've commented on them before, but felt the need to put them in the spotlight once more because hands down they are one of the best in the business! Phone Number: (855) 274-6311 or request a FREE security quote from them here.


Camelot Private Security, Inc.
#5 Valiant Private Security - (408) 649-8386
security, private security, protection, property, surveillance, guards, patrol, safety, public safety, courtesy patrol.


4 1/2 Star Rating!

Often times security companies don't utilize personnel that view their roles as important or professional. ONLY offering Armed Security Service at this time, Valiant Private Security hires and trains some of the best in the security industry. They do this by providing custom-tailored private security services that help keep communities safe, and have raised the bar for the private security field. Phone Number: (408) 649-8386 or visit their career page for an elite job here .


Top Private Security Related Software Solutions

#1 Blackhawk911
Web based Daily Activity Reporting software solution for the security industry developed by police officers.


#2 Suspectinfo
Developed by Police Officers for the Security Industry. Professional tools, a powerful database, and the ability to link & share with other Security Departments from around the globe!

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